38 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 10, 2018 Game Version: API16

RosterBoss sends out group/raid invites automatically to specific guild ranks.

You specify the rank, the interval, the duration, hit the button and walk away.  RosterBoss will build your raid for you!

/rb Toggles the RosterBoss window

The Rank Invites section allows you to choose which ranks of guildies should get invites.

The "Send Invite" button will send a single wave of invites per your rank specifications.

The Auto Invite section allows you to specify how often you want invites to go out, and for how long.

The "Send Auto Invites" button will send waves of invites based on your interval and duration (in minutes).  "Stop Auto Invites" will cancel the automation.

The Options section let you choose if you would like RosterBoss to set invites to Open and/or Convert the group to raid automatically.




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