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Newest Version - July 31, 2018

This update fixes the occasional "flashing" of non Bullet from Beyond buffs.  The addon should now only ever show Bullet from Beyond stacks or the Barrage from Beyond buff.



Previous Version - April 20, 2018 ----------------------------------------

All New BulletDrop now includes resizing, opacity control, key bound toggling and fullscreen mode all wrapped up in a brand new graphical user interface.   BulletDrop creates a custom buff bar that only displays Bullet from Beyond stacks and Barrage from Beyond, offering a consistent location to 'click down' buffs/stacks as needed.

/bd Toggles the Options window on/off

These elements are available in the UI, but have been retained as slash commands:

/bdl or /bdlock locks the buff window in place

/bdu or /bdunlock unlocks the buff window

/bdt toggles the buff window on/off

What's New:

  • Resizing - When unlocked, you can grab a corner of the buff window and resize it to fit your specific setup.
  • Opacity Control - You can now control the transparency of the buff window.  Even at 0% the buff bar is functional and will operate normally.  (Be sure to turn your opacity back up if you need to reposition the buff window!)
  • Key Toggle - Choose a key to quickly enable and disable the buff window.  Especially helpful if you use the fullscreen mode.
  • Full Screen Mode - Makes the entire screen your BulletDrop buff window!  Be aware this will 'consume' all your mouse clicks, so you will not be able to interact with other parts of the game interface using your mouse while enabled.  This mode is intended primarily for use in conjunction with the Key Toggle mode... and at 0% opacity.  (You can choose more, but your whole screen will become a giant BfB icon :)  If you have issues in this mode you can always use /bdt to turn it off and /bd to make changes.


Previous Version - Dec 23, 2017 ----------------------------------------

BulletDrop creates a custom miniature buff bar that only displays Bullet from Beyond stacks, offering a consistent location to 'click down' stacks as needed.

/bdl or /bdlock locks the window in place

/bdu or /bdunlock unlocks the window

Latest version: also displays Barrage from Beyond so that it can be clicked off as well.  This allows for ending the buff sooner to start rebuilding stacks immediately, if desired.