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ReQueue remembers the last queued content so that you can queue again by either using the slash command or by making a macro to put it on one of the action bars with "/macros". Since it might happen that you accidentally solo queue after making a group it now opens a window to warn you about that. This also works when you use the content finder to queue. 

If you want to see the current queue status simply hit the same macro again and it will show or hide the queue status window.

It will automatically accept a role check which can be turned off in the config menu accessible via /rq config and the esc menu. To change your roles without opening up the content finder /rq roles can be used.


Slash Commands:

  • /requeue - to queue again
  • /rq - short for /requeue
  • /rq config - opens the config window
  • /rq roles - opens the role check window

Finished Features:

  • ReQueue with a macro.
  • Display a warning when trying to solo queue in a group. Also works when using the content finder.
  • Save the last queue content in settings to prevent /reloadui and restarting the game from resetting it.
  • Using the macro when already queued will show or hide the queue status window
  • Automatically accepts the role check when in a party (can be disabled in config)
  • Manually do a role check with /rq roles
  • Config window accessible via /rq config and through the esc menu

Upcoming Features:

  • Actually save the last queued content. It currently gets reset when relogging or using /reloadui
  • Display a warning message when solo queueing in a group
  • Automatically accept role checks as group member
  • Config screen
  • Open queue window when already queued while using the /rq macro
  • Confirmation warning for the "Leave Group" button in the content finder can be found here
  • Automatically requeue when leaving the instance


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