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ATTENTION: Enable Occlusion to prevent nameplates sticking in weird places - this is due to the new Strain patch.

RazorPlates is a fast and configurable nameplate replacement addon that looks similar to the default nameplates but adds a lot of extra functionality. There's even some specific goodies for healers, tanks and dps! Pretty much all features can be turned off - so pick what you like - disable the rest.

RazorPlates features.Usage: Just type "/raz" to open the configuration or press "escape" to open and click on "RazorPlates".

Feel free to leave comments with feature requests / ideas and / or bug reports! 

 If you don't want / don't need the new features you can still download the old V1.3.

New Features (V2+): (new features in latest version bold) 

  • Option to "Load settings" from another character for quickly setting up multiple characters
  • Cleanse Alert
  • Per unit type settings ("out of combat", "in combat" / "if damaged") for nameplate elements, colors, scale, transparency, draw distance, etc.
  • Nameplates are scalable separately from the name/guild on top
  • Font options
  • Option to disable the "3D and shadows" for a more minimalistic look
  • Updated / optimized graphics and performance
  • Configurable Markers and Alerts (30% execute, low health, threat)
  • Hp, shield and resource text can now also show deficit
  • Change height, width and order of hp, shield, resource bar and cast bar
  • Improved cast bar which changes color depending on how many interrupt armor is left
  • Pretty much every color can now be changed to your liking
  • Huge Mob Move Nameplate Option: Move the nameplates of very large mobs down if you are in combat with them
  • Option to never let speech bubbles hide nameplates or let them hide friendly nameplates only
  • Show only important friendly npcs (vendors, tradeskill trainers, dye guy, questgivers, etc.)
  • and many many more - just check it out


Plus all of its all old features: 

  • Class colored nameplates (separate options for hostile and friendly players)
  • Class icons
  • Resource bars (focus, volatility, kinetic energy, suit power)
  • Different HP text display options (hide, show only %, etc.)
  • Per unit type scaling and transparency options (i.e. make hostile player nameplates bigger, etc.)
  • Target marker
  • Difficulty icons for hard mobs
  • Interrupt armor display
  • Slider to adjust the height at which nameplates are drawn
  • Perspective scaling through PerspectivePlates (thanks Blaaznar)