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NoHeartAttack FramePlates

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Discontinued in favor of 

This was done because further enhancing the nameplates required a complete code overhaul so I figured it would be best to start fresh.

You can still use NoHeartAttack but all nameplate functionality will be added to RazorPlates instead. 

I will fix NoHeartAttack if Wildstar Updates break anything but there are no plans to add any new features atm.

NoHeartAttack enhances the default Nameplates, Group Frames and Raid Frames by adding new useful features.

Features (Version 0.4): (new features in this version are bold)

General features:

  • "Shield Blank" on default group frames, raid frames and nameplates can be removed (units that are missing shield but not hp appear "full" - no more running around trying to heal people with full hp)

Group Frames enhancements:

  • Raid frame GFX on Group Frames (easier to see hp, shield and absorb)

  • Show group member levels on group frames (can be disabled)

  • Fade out Group member bars which are out of range, offline or dead

Nameplates enhancements:

  • Change transparency and / or scale of friendly, hostile and neutral Nameplates (separately)
  • HP text on Nameplates can now be hidden or moved below the HP bar
  • Carbine's TargetMarker (border around your target's nameplate) is fixed (see newest screenshot)

Most features are optional - if you don't want a specific enhancement - just deactivate it!

Usage: The configuration can be found in the "Options" menu (press escape to open and click on "NoHeartAttack".