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An addon to help stop your from derping during the Ohmna Encounter. This addon works like OhmnaKnockback assist and also lets you mark your assignements during the encounter. It currently supports marking your Adds assignment and which of the 3 Mini Ohmna you are responsible for.

When you enable the Knockback assist option, 3 lines will be drawn in relation to Ohmnas position showing you that safe spots to avoid being knockedback. There is also a telegraph outline for the perimeter of the Erupt spell for the adds to show you the safe spots during the cast.

In addition to all of this, the lines will change based on Ohmna's casting. When she castsing Genetic Torrent(spew) all lines will double in thickness and turn red. When she casts Erupt, the lines will double in thickness and become more Opaque. These basic changes warn you without having to stare at a cast bar( like for healers)

Please leave any feedback on how it works/doesn't work.

Type /ohelper to bring up the options panel where you can mark your assigned positions.

If you like this addon, or any of my others, please buy me a coffee by using the donate link on this page.

What's New?

  • Added a new Icon Slider to adjust icon sizes
  • Added support for French and German Clients. This may introduce bugs in the English Client. Let me know!
  • Added new color indicators for Body Slam and Erupt. Increased the Range of the lines/circles by 1 meter to line up better with the outside edge



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