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This Addon REQUIRES you to have LUI_BossMods Installed. (It'll throw an error otherwise)


Please concider this Addon to be in Beta. I find Errors still on a regular basis and many of the Encounters have been changed/implemented recently, so they have not been tested yet!


The Addon will add numerous Encounters to LUI_BossMods and replace most of the already existing ones. This action will, in turn, also reset most of the settings to the mentioned Encounters aswell.

As it's implementing the modules into LUI_BossMods, the settings-window of LUI_BossMods is also used for configuring the added encounters.

The Modules were written to support English and German Clients. All French translations i found were included, but these do not include every Encounter and were not tested or confimed as correct.


Encounters Added/Replaced by this Addon:

  • Dungeons (All Bosses in these - not including Mini-Bosses)
    • Stormtalon's Lair (STL)
    • Kel Voreth (KV)
    • Skullcano (SC)
    • Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden (SSM)
    • Protogames Academy (PA) <Untested>
  • Genetic Archives
    • Genetic Monstrosity (Center Room Mini-Boss)
    • Experiment X-89
    • Kuralak
    • Phage Maw
    • Phagetech Prototypes
    • Phageborn Convergence
    • Dreadphage Ohmna <Untested>
  • Datascape
    • System Daemons
    • Limbo Infomatrix
    • Maelstrom Authority
    • Volatility Lattice
    • Gloomclaw
    • All 9 Pairs (of which 6 are <Untested>)
    • Avatus <Untested>
  • Redmoon Terror
    • Swabbie Ski'li (Shredder)
    • Robomination
    • Engineers
    • Mordechai
    • Star-Eater (Octog)
    • Starmap
    • Laveka <Untested>
  • Initialization Core Y-83
    • Hardmentors <Untested>
    • Softmentors <Untested>


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