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Want to know your real latency? Now you can! Forget Alt + F1!



Now I say real latency - what does that mean? It means that the latency you see from Alt + F1 is actually not correct, at least it's not what you want to know. That one only shows you the time a ping takes, but not the actual time it takes for you to get a reply from the server, so it's actually rather misleading. 

But hey, now you don't have to worry about that. You can see your real latency and have it placed wherever you want.



  • Freely movable - place it anywhere you like!
  • Control over what things you want to see. Don't like the orb? Hide it. Don't want to see "ms"? Hide it.
  • Control over how things are colored.
  • Customizable thresholds to set your latency comfort zones for coloring (green -> yellow -> red).

Accessing options

Type "/vlm" or use the menu entry in the interface menu (opened from the bottom left corner) to open the options window.

Moving the frame with the mouse is possible when the options window is open, at all other times it's locked and transparent to the mouse cursor.

Threshold color explanation

The threshold coloring works like this:

If you are below threshold 1 it will be green.

If you go above threshold 1 it will either turn to yellow or transition from green to yellow (if color transition is enabled) up until the threshold 2 value.

Once above threshold 2 it will turn red or transition from yellow to red (if color transition is enabled) up until the threshold 3 value, which will stay red for anything above threshold 3.


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