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After months of slow progress, I'm ready to release a Beta version of KuronaBars. It's got most of the features I was hoping for, now I just need some feedback! The ability to move around your buttons will let you stop using Aura Mastery for tracking of some abilities.


KuronaBars is a bit different than the other action bar addons out there.

  • Move each LAS button where you want. Size it however you like.
  • Each button should "remember" it's location based on the skill name, even if you swap it's position in the LAS bar.
  • Movable Right/Left secondary bars. Each bar holds 12 shortcuts.
  • Movable "Floating" Action bar for specific actions.
  • Vehicle Controls show up in the main LAS bar.
  • "Show only in combat" option lets you hide most of the LAS button until you are in combat.
  • "Hide when on cooldown" option hides ability while on cooldown, it will apear when it's nearly ready to use.
  • The default behavior prevents clicking on buttons so you can move them towards the center of your screen, but you can enable clicking with the "Allow button clicking" option
  • Included is the KuronaPets addon and KuronaMounts addon. 
  • ??? More coming soon.

type /kbars or click the interface menu button to bring up the options.

Known Issues:

  • Limited testing, please give feedback.
  • This addon replaces the carbine actionbar addon which houses the Player resources. ATM you'll need to use another addon for resources.


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