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Katia Builder Toolkit

A toolkit designed to speed things up (and fix various Carbine bugs) for Housing builders!

To start, enter /katia.


Short demo and tutorial video:

(This video is waaay out of date.  Although everything in it works, KBT does so much more now, I will hopefully make a new video some time soon).


This tool supports:

- Paste multiple times per copy

- Save copies to multiple slots, which persist when you go to different plots

- A 'clone' function which pastes directly from the crate or vendor

- Crating a whole linked set at once

- A 'diff' function which lets you save a set of changes between two copies and apply those changes over and over to another object

- An 'average' function which lets you place an object exactly between two other objects (also averages rotation and size)

- A set manager tool that lets you save decor constructions or entire plots and recreate them multiple times or on other plots (even after relogging), as well as share sets with other users!

- A /visit <plotname> command line function to visit anybody by name.

- Tools for automatic creation of linked decor

- A more compact replacement to the in-game advanced controls

- A plot finder tool that helps you find public plots if you only remember part of the player or plot name.

- A decor shopping tool that lets you search and browse decor models then find the decor you want on the Jabbithole website or auction house.

- A /kget or /ksummon command that can quickly fetch decor from crate or vendor for easy placement.  Takes a list of namepieces to look for (i.e. "/kget med hoog" to find a "Medium Green Hoogle Statue")

- /kfind followed by search terms will pop up a list of all matching decor on your plot and help you quickly find them.  The first term can optionally be a range from your character to search.  For example, /kfind 15 ruby thin  will find all The Ruby-Eyed Thinker within 15m of you.  All found decor can be linked at once.

- /kfindplot followed by search terms will pop up a list of all matching public plots.  The first term can optionally be a number of scan attempts to help the search, default is 100.

- Reconstruct lost decor from placing fabkits or changing houses by running /ksnapshot first and /kreconstruct after.


Has several slash commands you can use to macro actions for faster building:

/kcopy, /kpaste, /kclone, /kplace, /kcrate, /kcratelink (crate an item and everything linked to it), /kdiff, /kaverage, /ktarget, /kltt (link selected item to targeted item), /visit, /ksummon (type along with an item name to summon an item directly from crate or vendor above your character's head for quick placement)


And slash commands for set management:

/kadd, /kaddall, /kaddlinkedset, /kaudit, /kremove, /kreloc, /kplaceall, /kplacealllink (place and create a linked set), /kclear


And fixes the following bugs:

- The bug that interferes with interactable chairs and doors.  Clicking 'fix chairs' will fix all of them (until you log).

- The bug that causes a decor to crash your client when selected.  Clicking 'fix links' will fix all of these.

- The bug that causes decor to slowly rotate as you move them (passive fix).

- The bug that prevents you from deleting decor form your crate (passive fix).

- The bug that prevents you from searching your crate (passive fix).

- The bug that causes some decor to be unselectable.  Clicking 'fix ghosts' will remove these.

- Slash commands for bug fixing: /kfixlinks, /kfixchairs, /kfixghosts, /krevertskyiunderstandtherisk (returns the original sky that is not listed in the in-game UI, use this at your own risk)


And various quality-of-life for AH and CX:

- No more page resets when you bid or buy

- No more limits on CX and AH search results (large searches on AH can cause delays)


Many more features are incoming from a list my many beta testers have given me.  A big thanks is owed to all of them!


If you like this addon, there is an in-game plat donation button in the tools menu <3  (only works on Entity and Jabbit).




Version 6.2 Updates


- CX/AH modifications temporarily disabled to avoid conflicts with API12


Version 6.1 Updates


- Bugfixes for some interactables issues


Version 6.0 Updates


- Version update reminder is moved into panel

- /kget command accuracy improved

- Now supports assigning decor to move when visitors to your plot interact with interactables (stay tuned for more detailed instructions to set this up)


Version 5.9 Updates


- Fixed bug preventing certain high level runes from showing on CX

- Increased display time on notifications


Version 5.8 Updates


- Page-reset prevention in AH also applied to bids now

- CX no longer is limited in the number of results it can show on buy pages


Version 5.7 Update


- Automated aggregation of queries to get around AH "too many results"


Version 5.6 Update


- Category types in decor shopper are now alphabetically sorted

- Using "Buy Now" in the AH no longer resets you to the first page of results (yeah not really housing specific :P)


Version 5.5 Update


- Decor shopper now allows browsing by category and multiple pages of results (re-scan to enable)


Version 5.4 Update


- Donation button :)


Version 5.3 Update


- Version syncing with other users to let you know when your KBT needs to be updated!


Version 5.2


- Added fix for recent Carbine bug that prevents searching crate and vendor


Version 5.1 Update

- Fix for /ktrap easter egg

- Plot finder now shows results as they come in and can be cancelled early

- Item numbers are shown in sets


Version 5.0 Update

- Synced with new drop's renaming of several hundred decor and will automatically update old sets


Version 4.4 Update

- Now highlights selected items in decor finder

- Shift click to select a new parent for sets

- Bug fix that affected some set sharing codes


Version 4.3 Update

- Fixed stall on place all when parts of set can't be placed

- Fixed final selection on pa & l


Version 4.2 Update

- Added ability to cancel in-progress operations

- Fixed autolink feature

- Improved the speed of timed operations


Version 4.1 Update

- UI adjustment with display options for panels


Version 4.0 Update

 - Added decor shopping tool

 - Added fabkit reconstruction tool


Version 3.6 Update

- Added plot finder tool


Version 3.5 Update

- Changed sharing format to match Lamenth's DecorSetManager; this allows for transferring the sets between the two addons


Version 3.4 Update

- Added set sharing between players via copy/pasteable codes


Version 3.3 Update

- Clone now places and selects the new item

- Added parent selecting tool to help navigate linked sets

- Added function in decor finder to link all found decor to target

- Added ability to crate an entire linked set by holding shift while clicking crate


Version 3.2 Update

- Progress bar for long operations

- New fix ability for phantom decor that can't be selected


Version 3.1 Update

- UI improvements, including interface for decor finder

- Fixed some incorrect tooltips


Version 3.0 Update

- Added decor name to decor panel

- Added new decor finder function!  /kfind followed by search terms will pop up a list of all matching decor on your plot and help you quickly find them.  The first term can optionally be a range from your character to search.  For example, /kfind 15 ruby thin  will find all The Ruby-Eyed Thinker within 15m of you.


Version 2.9 Update

- Rotation error bug fix has now been applied to more of the causes of this bug

- Fix Chairs slowed down to lessen strain on server connection


Version 2.7 Update

- "Place all" now synchronizes with server lag to avoid error where stuff is purchased from vendor instead of crate.  This also allows it to run much faster than before!


Version 2.6 Update

-  Added fix for the error with the Carbine Crate UI that prevents you from deleting decor.


Version 2.5 Update

- Relative controls added to decor window

- Added /kget command to search crate and vendor for pieces


Version 2.4 Update

- Decor window, compact replacement for in-game advanced controls

- Decor locator function that will guide you to a hard-to-find decor you have selected


Version 2.3 Update

- Slowed down place all function to help compensate for current housing lag, this will be reverted later

- Various fixes to Clone and Place All

- Deshift function removed (no longer necessary)

- Fix Chairs updated to new method for fixing chairs

- LinkFix function added that fixes the new linked decor of death bug


Version 2.1 Update

- Updated to work for API 11

- Set features: Save whole plot, save linked set, place all as a linked set

- Target features: Auto-linker mode (target a decor and everything you touch or place will be automatically linked to it), /kltt slash command that links selected item to target

- Mouseover tooltips to help explain a lot of the tools


Version 1.8 Update

- Fixed a bug introduced in 1.7 that disabled set copy (sorry about that!)


Version 1.7 Update

- Selected item in set list is now colored for easier browsing.

- Target someone in your lot and type /ktrap for laughs:)


Version 1.6 Update

- You can now name your sets, for easier browsing later on

- Fixed another bug with the clone function.  Thanks for the report guys!  The clone code is used in a lot of places, including for the set placing.  Once it's reliable enough that I can trust it to clone a couple thousand items in a row, I'll release the full plot set save function:)



Version 1.5 update

- You can now immediately clone without having to press place by right clicking the clone button (this applies to right clicking items in sets too)

- Reloc now moves the set to the player's current position (remember to get out of the way before placing)


Version 1.4 update

- Further fixes to Clone function

- Set manager tool

- Added more slash commands, including /visit <plotname>


Version 1.3 update


- Fixed various bugs that caused problems in combination with DecorSetManager, and improves the reliability of the "Clone" function.

- The "Clone" function now no longer automatically places the new object, giving you a chance to make modifications before you place it.

- There is now a context-sensitive "Place" button that will finalize whatever you are doing with the current selected object (buy from the vendor, place from crate, etc.)

- There is now a "Target" button that will remember the selected object.  While it is remembered, any use of the "Diff" or "Average" functions will work on this object instead of whatever you have selected.  You can click it again to forget it.

- There are now slash commands for most of the functions that you can macro and hotkey, /kcopy <slot>, /kpaste <slot>, /kclone <slot>, /kdiff <fromslot> <toslot>, /kaverage <fromslot> <toslot>, /ktarget, /kdeshift, /kfixchairs

- The macro commands use the selected slots from the UI if left blank.


Additionally, I have added a function to restore the original sky which many builders have been missing.  (The original sky is different from "default sky", and in-game there is no way to get the original sky back once you change it.  Many prefer it over "default" because it has a different moon, and shows Nexus below you whereas default does not).


I want to point out, that this does not "legitimately" restore the original sky.  It is instead using a bug to "trick" the client into loading the original sky.  I am 99% sure it is safe, and you can always undo it by going back to any of the other skies.  However, since it is technically using a bug, I want to make sure everybody understands the risks.  Activate it by using /krevertskyiunderstandtherisk, which shows that you have read this disclaimer.