Carrot Hunter!

116 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 2, 2017 Game Version: API15

Run carrot digging scavenger hunts on your housing plot!



- Updated Katia Builder Toolkits addon (available on curse)

- Unlocked carrot plushie

- A few Extractor (Ikthian) in your crate, the number you own determines the number of carrots that can be dug up at a time by everyone on your plot.



Place carrot plushies all over your lot!  Each should be size 1.35, placed on the ground, and then sunk down by Y=1.  This will result in only the greenleaf top sticking above ground.  Once you are ready, type /carrots to begin the game!  You and all other users of KBT will hear some nifty minigame music.


The game lasts for 10 minutes, and while it is going, anybody can walk up to a buried carrot (found by spotting the green leaves) and type "/emote digs!" to dig it up (or any emote phrase that has the word "dig" in it).  Scores will be announced at the end :)


Once the game is over, type /carrotclean and wait for it to re-bury all the carrots that have been dug up.


This is a very early beta version, if the game is popular then development will continue with better setup options, game options, and other targets besides carrots:)


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