Damage Locator

Hey all!


After wanting to see if I could make first-person fun in WildStar (which I've come quite close to), I decided that I was missing something that pretty much every FPS has - Damage rings! Damage rings are the little red arcs or arrows that appear on screen whenever you take damage. They point in the direction of the enemy relative to you.


Like most FPS games, the arrows are from an orthographic top-down perspective. This means that the arrows will point directly to the enemy if you were to look at the world straight down as if it were a 2D top-down game.



- No limit to the amount of arrows!

- A custom-made Lua class-type (via tables) to handle arrow control, allowing the arrows to run independently, updated via an Apollo timer.

- Efficient model, remains lagless for up to about 10 enemies at once, if not more!



Big thanks to the user daihenka for GeminiGUI (was DaiGUI). Without their addon, this mod would not be here.