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ChatLinks highlights URLs in the chat log as clickable links.

Links will get detected when in the format of protocol://url or or as IP address. Once a link is detected, all subsequent characters up to the next whitespace will be included in the link.


By default, link detection is limited to the following chat message types / channels:

  • Whisper
  • AccountWhisper
  • Society / Circles
  • Party
  • Instance
  • GuildRecruit
  • Guild
  • GuildOfficer
  • Advice
  • WarParty
  • WarPartyOfficer
  • Say
  • Custom channels

A configuration interface with options to enable or disable it per type/channel is accessable via ESC-Menu or by slash commands /cl or /chatlinks.

You can view an Url-History with the last 250 detected Urls via Interface-Menu "ChatLinks History" or by slash commands /clh or /cl history.

In addition to URLs, the addon also detects your characters name and optional aliases in a message and changes it to a link, which helps to recognize when someone mentions you. Clicking on this link will start a whisper to the message sender.
You can choose to get notified about a mention via floating text or by playing a sound.

ChatLinks is compatible with the following ChatLog (replacement) addons:

  • ChatLog (default Carbine chat)
  • ChatFixed*
  • BetterChatLog*
  • FixedChatLog*
  • ImprovedChatLog*
  • ChatAdvanced*

<small>*) Support implemented, but needs confirmation</small>

Other chat enhancement addons, which do not replace the default Carbine ChatLog addon have a high chance to also work with ChatLinks.
If you're using a not listed ChatLog replacement, please leave a comment with it's addon name or folder name and i may have a look if i can add support for it.


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