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United Dialogs enhances NPC and Player dialog bubbles of quest dialogs with additional quest information, keyboard interaction, font settings and unites them to stick together.

Normally Wildstar arranges the NPC dialog bubble to be placed above the NPCs head. This looks nice, but for quest dialogs it also means that the quest text and your answer choices are spread out to different places.
This Addon will change this behaviour, by placing the NPC bubble above the Player bubble for quest dialogs. It also adds some other improvements listed below.

To view or change settings use the "UnitedDialogs" button in the ESC-Menu or just type /ud in chat.

There are two examples how UnitedDialogs enhances your questing experience in the WildStar Forums.


UnitedDialogs is kindly brought to you with the support of the following donators:

  • Silvio B.
  • David S.

Big thanks! <3


  • Quest dialog bubbles for NPCs and interactive items are placed above the players response bubble
    Although, the default floating style is still available.

  • Details bubble to display additional quest information like difficulty, summary and objectives (default on)
    Shows up in addition to the normal dialog when talking face to face with a quest giver.

  • You can preview an item reward by Ctrl-MouseLeft/Right clicking it in the player bubble

  • Alternative small horizontal quest rewards listing (default on)
    Reward Details are still available via ToolTips.

  • Quest answers are selectable via Interact-Keybind, game default is "F" key (default on)
    When a player response quest bubble is open, you can answer with your interact key.
    The first answer from top to bottom, which starts or ends a quest will be choosen (there is a preview through glowing). If there is no such option it will end the dialog. Except if you have to choose a quest reward, then nothing will happen, so that you don't choose an unwanted reward by mistake.

  • You can select answer responses with keys 1 to 9 or numpad (default off)
    When enabling keybinds, game action input will be paused during dialogs, so that action bar spells don't trigger when using 1-9 keys. This can be disabled by limiting keybinds to numpad only.
    Safety first: For quest rewards you have to hold down Control-Key in addition to the number. So that you don't choose accedently an item when rushing through the dialog (can be disabled).
    There are also shortcuts like 'Q' or 'G' to go back or end the dialog and 'V' for vendor questgivers.

  • Communicator frame is closeable  via Interact-Keybind, game default is "F" key (default on).
    When you get a communicator call and there is no player response bubble open and there also is no other interactable item, then pressing the interact key will close the communicator frame.
    Changeable to always close and ignore the interactable item check via settings dialog.

  • You can change the Font used to display quest decriptions
    Font size from 9 to 16 chooseable.
    As of now, this works for quest text only, not for answer choices.
    You can choose fonts differently for NPC bubble, Player response bubble and Communication frame.
  • Shows quest objectives in communication call frames (default on)
    Adds an objectives listing that let's you know what steps are needed to fulfil the quest.
  • Communication call frames can be send to different locations in combat and out of combat
    There are two free adjustable locations to configure where communication calls should be shown. This can be set differently for simple text calls and quest calls (the ones with a response bubble). It is also possible to send the frames to different locations dependent on combat state.

  • Bubble background opacity can be adjusted
    Can be set seperately for player, NPC/item and details bubble.

Possible future impromvements

  • Extend font setting to not only change the quest descriptions.
  • Option to configure where the NPC bubble gets positioned (align top, left, right).
  • Alternative dialog style which combines the bubbles into one moveable window.