Valyrie's What's The Time

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Valyrie's What's The Time

This add-on will show the lockout timers for you and anyone that is in the same group as you. Note: The lockout information is only available for characters that are near your own character (because of the way the Funcom API works)


It takes a lot of time to develop an add-on, so if you really like this mod and want to support it then please consider donating any amount. Thank you!

What's new in this release

  • Removed dungeons from the mod (as Funcom removed the Nightmare dungeon timers)
  • Added support for the new raid "Corrupted Agartha"

Current Features

  • Shows a column for each player in your group, containing all their current raid/scenario lockout timers
  • Sort on any players lockouts (ascending/descending)
  • Free-text filter to show only the matching lockouts
  • Option to show only raid lockouts
  • Option to show only scenario lockouts
  • Option to show only the active lockouts
  • Support for Vipers Topbar mod
  • If you don't have VTIO installed then you can reposition the icon on screen by holding the right mouse button and dragging it


Unpack the .zip archive into <your Secret World Directory>\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\ folder.

It should look like this: \Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\WhatsTheTime\CharPrefs.xml \Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\WhatsTheTime\Modules.xml \Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\WhatsTheTime\WhatsTheTime.swf \Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\WhatsTheTime\readme.txt

If you had TSW running when copying these files, then you must quit the game completely and then restart it or the addon won't work properly!


Delete the \Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\WhatsTheTime folder


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