Valet, an outfit manager

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Version 0.4
Fix for TSW Episode 9

Version 0.3.1
Update according to TSW Api changes

Version 0.3
Warning when a cloth is not found
German translations improved.
Button to equip an outfit (if you don't like to double-click)

How to use it.
Left-click on the icon: open the window
Right-click mouse-dragging on the icon: move the icon

"+" button : save a new outfit
"-" button : delete the selected outfit
"O" button: overwrite the selected outfit with the current outfit
pen button: rename the outfit
"cloth" button: equip the selected outfit.
Double-click on an outfit item in the list: equip this outfit.
On the right border: buttons to sort the list (disabled when a filtering is active)
Textfield with a Magnifying glass: filtering

Other features:
Integration with Viper's Topbar Information Overload.

It way have some issues on equipping / unequipping a lot of clothes. If it does not load all clothes on the first try, please try again. I have to throttle the (un)equipping because the game won't accept to do it all in one go.
I will try to improve this but I need some feedbacks (latency?, how many clothes changed) of when it happens.

Bug reports and suggestions are welcome here :


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