Elgå, a better (?) wardrobe

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What's new ?
- Bug fix: In name customization window, bad display of default category and default short name for clothings with customized name.

- UI a lot more compact, as a large column of text is replaced by a thin column of icons.
- Elga is not looking for colors in an internally predefined list, instead the clothing name is cut after the virgula
The good news is that now, an update of Elga will not be needed simply because new colors appears.
The bad news, with this behaviour, some clothing which were sorted correctly thanks to the predefined list are now left to their own device. But the next feature is here to fix that.
- Customization of name clothings
- To make customization editing/sharing easier, an import/export window

What's with that name?
It's the name of a hamlet in Norway (Funcom country) and of a wardrobe line of a rather famous northern europe furniture brand!

It's also the (temporary?) name of an add-on to help use the in-game wardrobe.

Are you fed up with endless scrolling when choosing clothes?
Are you fed up with having to juggle between vendors to choose a nice outfit, without being able to preview clothing from various vendors at the same time?

Elgå may be able to help you.

The user interface makes browsing clothes more enjoyable: by grouping clothing which are only different by colors and providing a bigger interface for clothing selection.
You can check the clothing on sale at multiple vendors simultaneously too.

Interface description
The movable icon to open the interface

Full ui

3 Windows here:
The top left window is the main window, shown by default, where you can browse your wardrobe.
The top right window is the export window, opened/closed by the button with a file and an arrow, next to the search field.
The bottom left window is the name customization window, opened/closed by the button with a pen next to the previous button.

On the main window:[b]

The [b]"Wearing" icon line shows which items of clothing your character is currently wearing. On mouse-over, a tool-tip display the clothing name. On click, the item will be selected in the lists.

The "Preview" icon line shows which items of clothing are currently on preview on your character. By mouse over, the clothing name is displayed. If you don't own the clothing, the price and vendor will be shown too. On click, the item will be selected in the lists.

The button "Wear all" will equip all currently previewed clothing (if they are in your wardrobe, you can't steal the vendor).

The button "Preview reset" resets the icon line "Preview" with the content of the icon line "Wearing". Useful when your character clothing preview is lost, because the add-on is not able to detect the loss.

The checkbox "Show vendor's inventory" is used to ... filter the vendor's inventory.

The field with a magnifying glass is used to filter clothes. ie: write 'red' to only have clothing having red in theirs names.

When selecting a category containing clothes, the first cloth of the category is selected (activating the preview).

In the lists:
- the icon columns on the list show where you are in your wardrobe by a small shift, click an icon to switch to another type of clothing.
- the checkmark on an element shows that the character wears this item of clothing.
- if instead of a checkmark, you see a '$' sign, it means you have not bought the item yet. You can see the preview but not wear it.
- A triangle means it's a group containing other groups or clothing .
- By clicking on a clothing (no triangle), the clothing is previewed. The "Preview" icon line is updated.
- By double clicking on a clothing (no triangle, no '$', no checkmark), the clothing will be equipped. If the clothing was already equipped (checkmark), it will be unequipped (exception for legs and torso). All other clothing previews are lost.

Preview of clothing sold by merchants
Load Elgå simply by opening the buy/sell window of each merchant once (you can close it right away).
At the next Elgå window opening, the clothing will be available for preview. You will have to do it again at each logging in of the character.
This functionality allows you to use the preview of clothing of various merchants simultaneously.
The "Show vendor's inventory" check-box must be checked, of course.

On the name customization window
By selecting a cloth in the main window, his information will appear in this customization window.
From top to bottom, the text fields:

  • display the original name of the cloth
  • display in which category elga sort it by default if any (ie:a virgula or a set name was found in the original name)
  • display the final name used to display the clothing, usually a color if a virgual was found in the original name, and/or the set name between curly braces
  • the custom category, which you can change to match your preference. if it's empty, and the next field too, no customization is applied. If this is empy and the next field contains text, the clothing name will be at the category level
  • the custom name. If this and the previous field are empty, no customization is applied.
    At the bottom, from left to right, the buttons
  • make the clothing return to it's default value. the customizations are deleted. You must save to have the effect apply.
  • refill the text fields to it's current value. So it will change the textfields text only if you modified them and did NOT save.
  • save the changes you made for the last selected cloth. The main window is direclty updated.

On the import/export window
in the window, 4 buttons:

  • one to get the name of the clothings your character is wearing
  • one to get the name of the clothings your character has in his wardrobe
  • one to export your clothings name customizations
  • one to import your clothings name customizations : it will open a new window asking what type of import you want.
    And a big text area where you can paste your import, copy the export (remember the usual shortcuts, ctrl-A to select everything, ctrl-C to copy and ctrl-V to paste)

Technical limitations (= I don't know how to do it)
- Use preview from item shop
- Detect previews done by the standard interface (well, I could do it, if I replace the default ui for vendors, character sheet and character inspection, with the risk of breaking theses interface, and there is still the item shop problem)
- To empty an item slot by preview (like removing a hat). The only known way is to remove the clothing, which resets all the previews.
- Detect when the preview is lost (ie: by moving the character) to update the "Preview" icon line.

What I don't want to do currently with the add-on.
- Buy clothing through the add-on. If something goes wrong with your money, I certainly don't want to be held responsible.

Possible new features
- A new "fake" clothing placement which will regroup clothings by sets (considering a cloth name containing the text " - " has the set name before said text).
- Customization of the defaults categories.
- Tags, and filtering on them

Why is a cloth badly sorted ?
Since Elga 0.5, rather than trying to look for some colors, Elga will simply cut the name of the cloth after the virgula and considers the last part as the color, as it fits Funcom current naming convention most of the time. For the few times it does not work, you can use the name customization (by yourself or through an import) to correct the sorting.

Want to help ? It would be welcome, of course, for:
- Bug reports and suggestions to improve the add-on
- Better translations in the addon or this post. English is not my mother tongue. My German is so terrible I need to use Google translate.

Thanks to
Catagorical for providing an example add-on.
Viper for helping with the add-on integration by providing an example.


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