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Scales some windows of TSW/SWL that cannot be scaled through the settings. Very useful for 1080p/4K displays.


As of now, supports these windows:

  • [SWL] Abilities
  • [SWL] Agent System
  • Achievements and Lore
  • Activity Finder
  • Auction House
  • [SWL] Bank
  • Challenge Journal
  • [SWL] Character Sheet
  • Computer GHOST interface
  • [SWL] Dressing Room
  • [SWL] Emotes
  • Media (mission readables, journals, pages, etc)
  • Mission Journal
  • Mission Rewards
  • Pets & Sprints
  • [SWL] Teleport
  • Top Bar / Main Menu + Compass
  • TrashScaler window
  • [SWL] Upgrade window
  • Vendor

If you want me to add support for more, don't hesitate to ask. This mod works in both The Secret World and Secret World Legends.


Note: Chat window and cabal recruitment pages are not possible AFAIK, modders have no access to them.


TSW: To install this plugin put the "TrashScaler" directory into "<TSW Directory>\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\" and restart the game if it is running.


SWL: To install this plugin put the "TrashScaler" directory with three files into "<SWL Directory>\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\" and restart the game if it is running.


To disable the plugin temporarily, type "/setoption TrashScaler false" in console. Type "/setoption TrashScaler true" to enable it again.