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Custom Mission Log

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This plugin always displays a custom mission log window with all missions. Has three settings: show missions with current tier texts, show current tier texts excluding the main story, disable all tier texts. Mainly intended for people that want to read tier text without any hassle (there's a lot of good written text there, I recommend it). This mod works in both The Secret World and Secret World Legends.


TSW: To install this plugin put the "CustomMissionLog" directory into "<TSW Directory>\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\" and restart the game if it is running.


SWL: To install this plugin put the "CustomMissionLog" directory with three files into "<SWL Directory>\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\" and restart the game if it is running.


To disable the plugin temporarily, type "/setoption CustomMissionLog false" in console. Type "/setoption CustomMissionLog true" to enable it again.