Resource Relocator

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Resource Relocator - Relocate your resources!

Resource Relocator enables, nay empowers, you to move and resize your resource icons. Resource icons can be placed anywhere on screen and at virtually any size!


  • Smart hiding for resources. They only display when they're useful!
  • Outlining - so you can see those resources on any background, even ones that are the same colour.
  • Separate positions for left and right resources.
  • Rotate your resource indicators!
  • Fancy pants UI for interactive sizing and placement.
  • Smooth, non-jarring transitions from combat to non-combat.
  • Slightly more jarring transitions from non-combat to combat.

Please do donate if you find this add-on useful. I'm very unwell, horribly poor and even small donations can be very useful. Plus, you get to feel good.


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