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See your buffs as bars, counters, pips and more!

Effects UI - a buff monitor AddOn that displays visualizations of specified buffs.

Key Features

  • Monitors active effects and abilites-as-they-cast
  • Multiple types of visualization - bars, warning text, counters, text logs, TSW style icons, loads!
  • Click-to-cancel on cancelable buffs (other buffs, too, with a bit of configuration)
  • As many visualizers as you like. Want 10 different stacks for 10 different groups of buffs? You can!
  • Custom per-buff colouring
  • Custom per-stack colouring - want your 5th Elemental Force stack to be a lurid puce? You can have that!
  • Easy import from Eth's Buff Bars - just copy and paste buff lists.
  • Easy to use configuration (honest!)


Install via the Curse Client


Download and unzip, then copy the EffectsUI directory (from with the Flash directory in the zip file) to ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\

Then restart your client.


  1. Click on the tiny icon to open the Config dialog.
  2. Explore that dialog! You (hopefully) cannot break anything in there.

More information can be found on the help dialog, accessed via the "?" button in the Configuration dialog titlebar.


Official discussion thread is here: http://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?t=78307


Please do donate via the donation button. I am currently recovering from long term illness and horribly poor. Even a few quid/bucks can make a *massive* difference!


With many thanks to EthanolRift, who had the idea first, and to all who (sometimes unwittingly) helped test this beast during it's inception:

Ciritty Evu DumbOx Wolff DeathBoney


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