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This is an addon to help monitor token/pax loot like Black Bullions and simple dungeon run timers.

Current features.

  • Simple colored pax/token gain/loss on-screen messages.
  • Tracks and announces amount of Black Bullions since dungeon start.
  • Topbar Icon Tooltip shows black bullion loot per dungeon, for all NM dungeons.
  • Topbar Icon Tooltip shows dungeon run time from first black bullion loot to present time or last black bullion loot.
  • Topbar Icon Tooltip shows fastest dungeon run time Personal Record and date/time of said record.
  • Integration with Viper's Topbar Information Overload Addon Manager.
  • Options menu on icon right click.

Non Curse client - Installation instructions.

  • Copy the Misjah_PopupNotification folder in the .zip to your "\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash" folder.

Non Curse client - Uninstall instructions.

  • Delete the "Misjah_PopupNotification" folder from "\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash".


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