Mission Timers

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NEW: Tooltip Font Scale slider in option panel, so there is room for more missions on screen.

Misjah's Mission Timers

  • Will show mission cooldown timer of any mission you choose.
  • Show's mission timers for all character that you have logged on since the timer started.
  • Auto equips the CDC Respirator when entering the fog zone and replaces it when you exit.
  • Right click option for US time/date, removing a characters timers, adding or removing missions and changing tooltip font scale.
  • Standalone or Plugin for Viper's Topbar Information Overload mod.


  • Mouse over the Mission Timers clock icon to see your timed missions.
  • Right click the icon to enter options.
  • Type the name of any of your characters to remove them from mission timers, in case you deleted that char.
  • Type the correct capitalized name of any mission to add or remove that mission from tracking, ie. "The Last Train to Cairo".


  • You cannot remove a tracked mission from a character that has not done that mission yet!
  • Funcom's cooldown timer for missions degrade while you are logged out. This means the mission will be ready slightly before the shown time unless you recently logged in on that character.

Possible Future Features

  • Possibility to select exactly which characters to track.
  • Alert's for when the cooldown is up.

Youtube video on how to do the Blue Signet Mission fast or on a poorly geared alt.


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