Gear Doctor

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This addon hacks into the function that loads your deck and tries to repair the deck.
I tested it with "Gear Manager Menu" and the ingame "Gear Manager", but it should work with "Deck Picker" too.
Since version beta2 it does'nt try to repair the deck, instead it tries to reliably load it.

What does this addon exactly:
- Currently it only works for talismans and weapons
- If you use a talisman upgrade it will repair your deck
- If you use a glyph upgrade it will repair
- If you use a signet of another rarity (but the same type) it will repair

What can't the addon do:
- If you use a glyph on the Talisman/Weapon with a diffrent major type it will not find the item
- If you use a signet on the Talisman/Weapon with a diffrent type it will not find the item
- If you lose or break the item somehow... you can guess it

Planed features:
- Automaticly use the best Aegis capacitors and modules it can find (of the type you defined in the deck)

This addon is currently in beta development, so keep an eye on updates.

Known problems:
- As you can see in the video posted in the comments on curse, it is possible that it does'nt save the checkmarks correct. But I was'nt able to reproduce this error.
- When you load a deck that has'nt all active and/or passive skills the default loader bugs out with the elite skills. That is'nt the fault of this addon, but i'll try to add a fix to this in one of the next versions


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