AutoSelect: AEGIS

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This addon gives you the option to automaticly swap to the correct AEGIS for your target.

Version 2 is completly rewritten from scratch.
After the last 30 requests i decided to add Heal-Mode that switches your weapons based on your defensive targets shield.
The Addon should now be disabled almost completly in PVP-Areas (to reduce lag).
Added the Topbar icon again and AEGIS items and upgrades that gives you a quick overview of all controllers and shields
You can move the interface now with the Gui-Lock icon.

Please dont ask me again: the shield can NOT be swapped while in combat! only the controllers do.
Select you target before you hit it, and everything will be fine.
Note: In Manufactury Nightmare 5th boss give the controllers a second after targeting, then hit the spheres, or you will get demage.
I've also tested the thing with lags, like many people tell all around.
I get the same FPS with Addons as with all addons disabled, and i have a lot of addons installed and with or without them not that much FPS.
Seems to be just a myth.
The only thing i can imagine is that if you target something, you have to switch 3 aegis controllers/shields in the worst case.
That might give you a little lag if you have a slower connection to the servers.
The only way to solve this might be a better internet, or disable/uninstall the addon and switch manually ;D
But there are no memory leaks or loops that can cause significant FPS issues in the code.

If you have another addon installed that does the same (for example AegisHUD) you need to deactivate the autoselect-ability on one of the addons or the swapping can be messed up.


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