CheapReset [Outdated]

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2014


Oct 23, 2014

Owner: Bentschi

Since the update 1.11 of TSW this addon is still working, but a little bit outdated.
Cause in the update you can now teleport for a little amount of PAX... just open the map [M] and select an anima well.

This addon will save your repaircost by simply put of your gear.
But I thought it would be too easy, simply using something like the reset-command.
Instead it will use "True Oblivion" (German: "Völliges Vergessen") from your inventory.
(I dont want to spoil at this point... you have to find it on your own ;P )
Keep in mind, it's not possible to use in combat!

If you like this addon, please donate a little amount, so that new addons are comming soon ;)

You want to see me in game?... Look for "meeehr"!
Have fun!


You will see a little icon appear on the top left of your screen containing a white skull
Leftclick => Reset
Shift + Leftclick => Move the icon


Copy the files like...


Delete the Folder... [Your-TSW-directory]\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\CheapReset\

Recent Changes:

1.3 - Fixed unequipping again if you get stuff in your inventory
1.2 - Fixed equipping again sometimes not working
1.1 - Viper Topbar integration
1.1 - Fixed some issues
1.0 - Initial release


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