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  • Automatically price a range of items on the broker based on the current market price.
  • Automatically retrieve earnings from mail.
  • Automatically de-list expired auctions.
  • Viper's Topbar Information Overload supported.

First Time Set Up

  1. Open the Tradepost window and either type "/auctioneer" or select the Auctioneer icon on your Top Bar.
  2. Define a range of slots to be used by placing their numbers in "First Slot" and "Last Slot". For the purposes of this mod, the top-left slot on the first page is 1 and all other slots are numbered respectively. Example: If you wanted to use the first two rows of your bank, your first slot would be 1 and your last slot would be 24.
  3. Fill the slot range you defined with items to be sold. Note: You do not have to fill all slots, empty slots will be ignored.
  4. Select your operating mode. "Normal" means your items will be priced and you will be spared the unnecessary details. "Verbose" means your items will be priced and details will be output to your chat window. "Test" means your items will NOT be priced, but you will be told how much the item should be priced. Test mode is there to confirm your settings without having to commit any money.
  5. Define your "Absolute Max Price". This is the price that, under no circumstances can any item be priced above.
  6. Select your "Markdown". The markdown is the percentage below the current market lowest price you want to price your item. "Match" means there is no markdown and your item will be priced the same as the lowest price of a similar item. "1%" means there is a 1% markdown and your item will be priced 1% below that of the lowest priced similar item.
  7. Click "Begin Pricing" and watch the running counter of remaining items to be priced.

How It Works


Auctioneer compares your item to other items on the marketplace of the same QL and color. Some item types require more detail. Toolkits are compared to other toolkits of the same type (talisman, weapon, etc.), the same color, and the same QL. Talismans are compared to other items that go into the same Chakra (i.e. belt, ring, etc.), the same class (tank, dps, healer), the same color, and the same QL. So a blue QL 10 Piercing Effigy is only priced against other blue QL 10 effigies, regardless of glyphs. Weapons are priced in a similar manner, a green QL 10 pistol will be priced against other green QL 10 pistols, regardless of glyphs.

Auctioneer will not compete with itself. If you are selling multiple items of the same name or type, they will all be priced the same, assuming they are the lowest price.

Auctioneer will not price an item that can be sold to a merchant for more than the broker's lowest price. You will be notified in the chat window when this occurs.

Auctioneer will not price an item if that price exceeds the user defined maximum sale price. You will be notified in the chat window when this occurs.

Auctioneer will not attempt to price items that are bound, previously priced, or attached to mail.

Unfortunately, due to Funcom's constraints on searches, each different type of item will take 10 seconds to price and sell.


De-Listing allows you to de-list expired auctions. This feature is something of a workaround since there is nothing in the client that tells us whether an auction has expired or the age of the auction. It works simply by doing an auction search for all items that you have for sale. If you are currently selling 100 items or less, this is a very fast procedure. If you are currently selling more than 100 items, it can take 10 minutes or more to de-list them all. The reason for this is that the maximum return amount Funcom allows for an auction search is 100 items.

While an active auction will never be prematurely de-listed, due to the workaround nature of this feature an expired auction may be considered still active. For example, 10 days ago you listed 10 Pure waters at 100k Pax that never sold and today you listed 10 Pure waters at 100k Pax. If you were to run De-List, it would see that you currently have a live auction of 10 pure waters at 100k Pax. There is no way for Auctioneer to know which of your two stacks of Pure water is the live one since they are the same size and the same price, so both will be considered live. You can prevent these false-negatives by running De-List regularly or running it before you price more items of the same type and stack size.


Auctioneer will parse all of your mail when you click the "Get Mail" button. It will claim all of the money and all of the items and print the total numbers received to the chat window. If you select the "Delete empty AH mail" check box, all of the empty mail items from Otherby's will be deleted. Under no circumstances will personal mail or mail from anyone other than Otherby's be deleted.

There is a new "Ignored Fix" option. If you sell an item to someone on your ignore list, there is a Funcom bug that prevents the mail containing their money from being delivered. This is the same bug that causes some people to always have a mail icon. What "Ignored Fix" does is make a copy of your ignore list, clear it out, retrieve the missing mail, and restore your ignore list. This takes about 5 seconds to give the server time to catch up to the changes we're making.

Manual Installation

Unzip and place "Auctioneer" folder into the Data\GUI\Customized\Flash\ folder. If you are not using VTIO, place the Scripts folder into your main Secret World folder. Restart the game if it is currently running.

Known Issues

  • Some item names that contain apostrophes will not be priced. This is due to inconsistent apostrophe characters being used by FC and the "wrong" type of apostrophe causing AH searches to fail. This is notably demonstrated by the Artisan’s Tool Augmenter but may be present in other items.
  • Only works for English client.


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