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Hi folks, AutoNBG looking for new maintainer, this addon already open source code, anyone want to get it and keep develop it, you can find it in my Github.

After v1.8.3, I will not keep develop this addon anymore, if anyone want to take over, you can send message to me, or contact me in Twitter:

About Curse, I can add you to Author permission, that will not effect player update this addon.

Thank everyone support me develop this addon since 2014!



  • Automatically roll according to user-defined settings within three contextual rule sets: Dungeons, Scenarios, and General.
  • AutoNBG automatically shifts between these three loot rule sets.
  • Viper's Topbar Information Overload supported.
  • Works for all languages.
  • Disabled for NY raid. (pending feedback)
  • Work for tokyo with AEGIS now

Kaidan Rare Boss’s rare Gadgets (like Nullity Sphere) share General option!

==== Note: ====

Funcom doesn't always follow a standard system of organization, especially for items introduced in later issues, and I haven't seen every item in the game. If you experience any aberrant behavior, please report it.

This addon open source, if you want it, please visit my Github:

==== Manual Installation: ====

Unzip and place "AutoNBG" folder into the Data\GUI\Customized\Flash\ folder. Restart the game if it is currently running. Delete folder to uninstall.

==== Special Thanks: ====

Thanks LivingFreak, Nylew, RedEyeEagle assist test!


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