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insShardWatch is a very simple addon that will attempt to inform you of your
shard collection progress (from achievement) whenever you obtain a shard.

You will be told the following information: (From example in Stonefalls)

Stonefalls Skyshards: Find all 16 Skyshards in Stonefalls
Number of Criterias:[16]
1 - Watching lions swim to shore. [Completed]
2 - Near Bal Foyen's gate. [0]
3 - Staging an attack on Arand. [Completed]

You can chose to filter out the "Completed" criterias to only show what you
are still missing through the "/shardwatch set filter" command which will toggle
displaying completed criterias or not. The default is to filter them out.

The addon also has an option "/shardwatch set debug" which will toggle
it to print out information for ANY achievement you complete. The default is
to have this option disabled, but it might be fun to have it going.

If you do decide to have debug option enabled you would see something like the
below if you happened to kill a monster.
In the example the numbers for each criteria indicate how many mobs you have killed.

Slayer of Nature : Kill a variety of natural creatures in the wilds of Tamriel and beyond.
Number of criterias: 7
1 - Beasts [51]
2 - Insect-like Creatures [98]
3 - Lizard like creatures [11]



Type /shardwatch to see a list of commands.

Current options are:
/shardwatch set debug - Enable/Disable the option to see ALL achievement progress
/shardwatch set filter - Enable/Disable the option to filter out COMPLETED criterias

Working soon:
/shardwatch scan - This does nothing for the moment but


  • Get scan working.

    Change Log:

0.6 - '/shardwatch scan' command will now work once you complete a shard achievement in the zone you are.
In the future it will work regardless, for your current zone.

Bonus feature:


There is a hidden option "/shardwatch achiev #id" which you can use to display all
criterias/progress for any achievement in the game. You will have to figure
out the id's yourself. (Hint: /shardwatch set debug )



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


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