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insJunkyard is an addon that can automatically sell _EVERY_
item you have marked as "Junk" whenever you visit a STORE.

It can automatically mark ANY item you have added to a stored list
as junk, and will remember this for your next game session.

It can auto mark TRASH items as Junk, so you do not have to do that
every time you loot a junk item.

You can be told which items are sold, the quantity, and the sum value
of said item as they are sold.

When you exit the store, you can be told the number of items sold and
the total sum gained.

When you loot an item you can get a message in chat with what you
looted as a clickable link.

It also has an option to let you know what your party members looted.

You can be informed when your inventory size is getting dangeorusly low.

It can also automatically mark as junk any item with the "Ornate" trait.
I.e. items with "This item will sell for %". So you can easily sell these.

It can semi-automatically destroy items that are in your junk bag,
on the junkyard list and are worth 0 gold.


To use JunkYard just as a Loot Info Addon you can do the following:

/junkyard set loot (to true)
/junkyard set party (to true)
/junkyard set junkyard (to false)
/junkyard set warn 0 (disabled inventory warnings)
/junkyard set autosell (Disables autoselling)

This will set the addon to display messages for all your loot
and for any loot your party members get. It will disable the
autoselling of junk items, the automarking of junk items and
the auto-warnings on low inventory space.




Type /junkyard to see a list of commands.
Type "/junkyard setup" or "/jy setup" for a GUI Option Screen.

Toggle between GLOBAL Configuration options and CHAR Specific:

  • /junkyard set global

Toggle between GLOBAL or PER-CHARACTER "Junk" Profile.
(This is the list of all items that are regarded as junk)

  • /junkyard set globaljunk

Toggle to have a startup message or not.

  • /junkyard set welcome

Current working ITEMLIST commands:

  • List all inventory items (/junkyard list all)
  • List all junk items in inventory (/junkyard list junk)
  • List all items of a set quality (0-5) (/junkyard list q 0-5)
  • See a listing of all settings (/junkyard set)

Current Settings:
(at vendors)

  • Feedback per item sold (/junkyard set salespam)
  • Summary of sales on store exit (/junkyard set vendor)
  • Autoselling JUNK items when at vendor (/Junkyard set autosell)

(when looting)

  • Loot messages in chat (/junkyard set loot)
  • Loot messages from party members (/junkyard set party)
  • Inventory Size Warning (/junkyard set warn) Toggle to warn when you have 5 slots or less free
    (This is also when AutoDestroy would kick in)


  • Autodestroy JUNK items that are worthless when low on inventory (/junkyard set destroy) !! WARNING !!
    For an item to be destroyed it
    a. Must be in the JUNK bag
    b. Must be worth 0
    c. Must be on the MARK list and match EXACTLY the MARK link.
    And the mouse cursor must be 'clear'

(junk related)

  • Notification each time an item is added to junk (/junkyard set junkspam)
  • Automark TRASH items as junk (/junkyard set junkyard)
  • Automark "Vendor Sell %" trait items as Junk (/junkyard set trait)
    • With /junkyard set trait #0-5 as an optional number you can set a limit to which items will be put in JUNK based
      on their item quality in addition to having the "Will sell to vendor for %xx more" trait. Any other number disables
      the quality check.

      0 - Worn/Trash (Gray)
      1 - Normal (White)
      2 - Fine (Green)
      3 - Superior (Blue)
      4 - Epic (Purple)
      5 - Legendary (Gold)

Special AutoMarking Options are:
/junkyard add all - This option will add all items from your CURRENT Junk Inventory to Autojunk.
/junkyard add # - Where # is the ID you see when typing LIST or LIST JUNK options
/junkyard remove # - Where # is the ID you see when typing LIST/List Junk option.
/junkyard list mark - Lists the items on the saved AutoJunk list and their autojunk setting.
/junkyard delmark # - Remove a marked item from the MARK List.
/junkyard dm # (Same as above)

Note; You will have to ADD items to the MARK list from LIST/LIST JUNK for them
to be saved. Autojunk must be enabled for the auto-junking to work.


  • Prettier output / Reduce spam.
  • Translations
  • Help
  • Less bugs and "hacky"
  • Rewrite when I have the time

  • See file "Change.log"

Thank yous:


Thanks a lot for the donation(s) - Helps with the subscription fee (Or Beer :) )



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


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