Iakoni's Gear Changer

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2017 Game Version: 2.6.11


Jun 12, 2017

Owner: Mookanana

Iakoni's Gear Changer: This addon will allow you to SAVE and EQUIP gear sets.


Look and feel integrates well with ESO default.


- SAVE and EQUIP up to 10 gear sets
- Customise gearset name and icons
- Checkbox that allows you to toggle between ignoring empty gearslots, or marking them as empty for unequipping. (default is ignore)
- Look and feel meant to integrate with the default ESO UI.
- Keybindings added to controls under section "Iakoni's Gear Changer" for quick equipping.

 - Added a keybind section for one button changing of gear and skills, if you have Skill Changer installed.
- Player bags, bank and stores will have a marker arrow indicating if the item is part of a saved set.


Drop me some feedback if you like! Contact me if I am online if you want to chat.
I drew inspiration heavily from Wykkyd's Outfitter mod, which doesn't work for me anymore.
Got tired of looking around for a mod I liked and decided to make one for myself.

If you like it, take a look at its sister addon, "Iakoni's Skill Changer" which does the same thing but for skills.


Brief Instructions:
1. Equip gear on your paperdoll.
2. Select a set by clicking on the set icon.
3. Click [Save].
4. Switch between sets by clicking [Equip].


Hope you enjoy it!


Iakoni Captisa
North American Servers


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