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Supported Game Versions


0.83g Garkin

  • Only updated LibMediaProvider-1.0 library

0.83f Garkin

  • Attempt to fix issue with event viewers. (reported by Morwo)
  • Fixed error with XP for VR players.
  • Updated libraries.

0.83e Sekta

  • Only added german translations. Big thanks to Phidias

0.83d Sekta

  • Only increased API version to 100007

0.83c Sekta

  • Only updated LibAddonMenu-2.0 library to newest version (fixes menu cut-offs)

0.83b Sekta

  • Removed ease-in animation which prevents multiple instantaneous events from overlapping
  • Fixed test buttons which broke due to adding powerType for drain and energize in 0.83

0.83 Sekta

  • Added drain (will overlap since events happen at exact same time)
  • Color coded energize and drain for magicka and stamina

0.82c Sekta

  • Changed default colors to better suit the original game's style and made them a little bit more "pastel".
  • Most noticeable change would be healing is the proper color rather than a bright green.

0.82b Sekta

  • Fixed points
  • Points panel should now be right next to the default quest tracker

0.82 Sekta

  • Incremented variables version due to major update
  • Added Active Combat Tips/Alerts (Block, Exploit, Interrupt, Dodge) Requested by Kraeius
  • Moved Cleanse from Debuffs to Alerts
  • Replaced Debuff panel with Alerts panel (Debuff was crowd control + cleanse)
  • Added outgoing crowd control
  • Crowd control is now anchored to the bottom of the incoming/outgoing panels
  • Consolidated font sizes into damage, healing, ticks, mitigation, crowd control, alerts, points, resources
  • Font size limit has been increased from 50 to 72
  • Alerts and resources font size now 48 by default
  • DoT & HoT crits now do not use critical font size Requested by Kreicus
  • Combat state should always work as expected
  • Fixed colours for "in combat" state
  • Tweaked animations - smoother transitions, combat state will now fade in/out
  • Tweaked panel positions
  • Code tidy up

0.81 Sekta

  • Re-registered Roboto Bold font
  • Added Roboto Bold Italic font
  • Added subtle "pop" animation to cloud. Numbers will scale from 0% to 100% in size as they appear.
  • Fixed off balanced resulting in UI error (sorry!)
  • Fixed out of combat and stunned colors
  • Added option to disable Combat State messages. Requested by pinstripesc

0.80b Sekta

  • Added Combat State messages (in/out of combat), both customizable. Requested by Kraeius

0.80 Sekta Added Energized, magicka/stamina return. Requested by Lumber Changed anchor point from center to top for points, debuffs and resources

0.79b Sekta

  • Some extra stuff I should have done an hour ago in 0.79
  • Made Cleanse an in-combat only event(reason: Prevent things like "Cleanse 'Slaughterfish' or 'In Lava'")
  • Added 2 second buffer for unique debuff notifications. It will now play a sound during the buffer instead of displaying another message. (Usually when CC'd, such as stunned, it will retrigger the stun event every time you fail an action when stunned. So if you were spamming left click, it would flood the screen with "Stunned".)

0.79 Sekta

  • Changed a few tooltips
  • Fixed Debuffs not showing (reason: In combat state wasn't working)
  • Added "In Combat Only" toggle for incoming & outgoing
  • Added Garkin's tweak
  • Added critical direct heals


  • Fixed experience points not showing
  • Fixed animation type "cloud"


  • Fixed menu title for incoming animation direction
  • Fixed menu dropdown list for font outline
  • Changed default critical format back to "%a!" instead of "%a Critical!" (reason: seems spammy)
  • Fixed ultimate ability popping up when not slotted (at least I hope I fixed it)


  • Incremented variables version due to major update

0.75 Sekta

  • Sekta's modifications added:
  • LibAddonMenu 2.0
  • Split existing panels into incoming, outgoing, points, debuffs, resources
  • Incoming and outgoing panels now display mitigation values:
  • Dodge, Miss, Immune, Parried, Reflected, Damage Shielded, Blocked
  • Debuff panels show negative effects on your character which include:
  • Cleanse when receiving DoTs, Disoriented, Feared, Immobilized, Off Balanced, Silenced, Stunned
  • Added fall damage
  • Added Roboto Bold font
  • Greatly increased the freedom of customization:
  • All panels are resizable, reduce minimum possible throttle from 50 to 0, everything can have their format and colour changed


  • Updated version number
  • Small optimization for throttles


  • Added options for veteran points


  • Updated french localization (Thanks Ykses)
  • Fixed throttle trailer not showing for cloud animation type
  • Added test button in settings panel
  • Minor tweaks and updates


  • Fixed alliance points toggle
  • Added options to choose animation type
  • Added "poof" effect animation for warnings (e.g. low health)


  • Changed animations; is now hybrid "cloud" and scrolling
  • Added options for throttling
  • Added options for animation
  • Added options for ultimate ability
  • Added options for alliance points
  • Added Metamorphous font
  • Removed %u (unit) option from text format
  • Added option to override critical healing color
  • Added button to manually load settings panel


  • Fixed threshold being nil


  • Code refactor
  • Added option to override critical color
  • Added animation to Dots/Hots
  • Minor tweaks


  • Fixed default setting for warning threshold


  • Fixed trying to use a font before it's even registered


  • Added threshold slider for warnings
  • Updated localization
  • Healing yourself is now an incoming event


  • Added incoming panel and options
  • Added extra formatting options
  • Various tweaks


  • Fixed problem with animation library


  • Fixed warning options not being used


  • Code refactor
  • Added seperate panel for notifications
  • Added options to show low power warnings
  • Added format options
  • Added miscellaneous options
  • Changed default font settings
  • Various minor tweaks


  • Fixed healing over time not using correct color


  • Code refactor
  • Reworked options panel
  • Added option to show experience

0.32 German localization (Thanks Mili)

0.31 French localization (Thanks Ykses) Tweaked coordinates of normal numbers


  • French localization (Thanks snowolff)
  • Added options to toggle damage and healing
  • Added resizing: number coordinates are now constrained to the frame


  • Added healing


  • Updated outdated library


  • Beta release
  • Added pools for control creation


  • Alpha release