Awesome Info

32,289 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 9, 2014 Game Version: 1.0.8

What is it?

Awesome Info is designed to be a no-fuss, minimal impact add-on that will warn you about the things you want warning about, when you want to be warned about them.

It includes:

  • A clock
  • Low Weapon Charge warning
  • Low Durability warning (includes repair cost)
  • Low Bag space warning
  • Horse feed timer
  • Research timer
  • Alert for unspent stat points or skill points

I DO want to know all these things, but I do NOT want a bunch of add-ons on my screen all the time telling me I have 95% durability, 82 empty bag slots etc. That's great, I am ready to adventure, now stop messing up my screen!

The goal for this add-on is to just tell you what you need to know, when you want to know it.


Access the settings panel in-game by pressing ESCAPE key, selecting SETTINGS from the menu and then Awesome Info from the sub-menu.

  • Durability warning: when any worn item drops below 25%
  • Durability critical: when any worn item drops below 10%
  • Bag space warning: when you have 10 spaces or left in your backpack.
  • Bag space critical: when you have 5 spaces or left in your backpack.
  • Feed horse in 30 mins: displays and counts down, when you are within 30 mins of feeding being available.
  • Stat Points/Skill Points: Shows if you have any available that you haven't spent.
  • Weapon Charge warning: when any equipped weapon drops below the specified percentage charge.
  • Research timers: These are character specific, so it will remember that you want to track Woodworking on one character and blacksmithing on another. Can be configured to warn you when the current research is nearly complete. You can drag the add-on around the screen and it will save the position.

Add-on Settings Menu

To do list

  • Options for icons instead of text
  • Ability to dismiss/snooze the warnings.


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