AI Research Grid

112,755 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 16, 2018 Game Version: 2.6.11

AI Research Grid allows you to quickly and easily see which traits you have researched for Blacksmithing, Clothing & Woodworking, wherever you are in the world.

  • Now has support for viewing multiple characters on the same account!
  • Shows which motifs/styles you have learned on each character.
  • Shows a timer for research on ALL characters (not just the one you're logged in as).

Using AI Research Grid

To open/close the addon, either type the command "/airg" or preferably open the Keybindings set-up and set a key to toggle the addon on/off.

When the addon main window appears, you will see icons at the top-right of the window, representing Blacksmithing, Clothing & Woodworking.

You will also see a dropdown box at the top-right that allows you to select the character to view. The data on other characters will be up-to-date as of the last time you logged out on that character. This means you need to login each character before their data will display.

Click on the icon for the craft profession you wish to see information on.

A table will be displayed, showing which traits you have researched for each item type.

  • Green check - you have researched this trait.
  • Red cross - you have not researched this trait.
  • Blue hourglass - you are currently researching this trait.

You can hover over the icon of an item type if you're not sure what it is (daggers & swords look kinda similar).

Setting up a Keybinding

To set-up this addon so that you can toggle it off/on with a single key, follow these instructions:

  1. Hit the escape key to bring up the system menu.
  2. Select the Keybindings section within CONTROLS
  3. Scroll down the list of keybindings in the main window until you find the one for AI Research Grid.
  4. Click on the [Not Bound] box and follow the instructions to bind a key (in the screenshot I have bound the [ key).


There had been so many times that I was in the middle of something and someone in my guild would ask in guild chat, "Can anyone make me an infused robe?" and the only way I could check was either to visit a Clothing workbench or to keep a spreadsheet/page of notes to remember.

So, several hours later, this addon was born.

Video on using AI Research Grid


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