New Update Mobile All Item Map! -World of Light-

73,945 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 30, 2020

World of Light. Newest Update Mobile all item map

By Scopey Mopey, Jbro129 and Savage.


World of Light is an ‘All Items Map’ created for Mobile users, to grant many different Wishes. Some of the wishes being to make amazing structures and houses to survive the night in, others being adventuring with a full set of the highest ranked gear to prepare yourself for a battle against the end boss.

*This map Contains Every Single Item in the latest version of the game*

compatible for all Mobile devices.
compatible for pc and Mac

Select which world type you want to download, ‘Classic mode or Journey mode.’


Also Contains:

-An Amazing Pixel art structure of Empress of Light.

-A Beautiful structure holding all of the items and goods.

-A Pretty landscape with swirly caved mountains to explore.

-Stacks of 31290 items per chest.





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