Terraria Character Pack

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This pack contains over 50 pre-made characters for you to start your game off with in a new world!


The categories are Movies, Comics & Manga, Video Games, and a bunch of my (semi) original designs. All of them are equipped with tools / weapons / items that go with their theme. I would argue that while most if not all of the characters have a definite starting advantage over a vanilla character, none of them are truly OP... okay, maybe a few are OP. But once you enter hardmode the advantages aren't that great, so have fun being a badass while you can.


The world is called Fun World 5000 and it is one of my "Terraria New Game +" levels. Pretty much a vanilla world with some aesthetic tweaks to make the experience more interesting while we wait for Journeys End. It's mostly unexplored, with no bosses downed. It comes with a mostly furnished base with themed rooms for NPCs. Plus a few NPCs have moved in that normally wouldn't show up at the beginning of the game.  WHAT... I like to drink and get haircuts!


Thanks for checking out my work, and I hope you enjoy! 





And for those that don't already know how to install:

Open the file with winrar (or your preferred extraction app) into  >>> C:\Users\YOUR NAME\My Documents\My Games\Terraria   The folders content should be added to the two folders, "Players" and "Worlds"


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