Starraria - Starbound/Terraria Adventure Map

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UPDATE June 2017:

-I fixed the teleporter not connected properly in the second world after 2 years. I do not plan to make any other changes, looking back there are so many things I would've done differently to this map. Some small things might not work as intended with the updates but it should still be an enjoyable map to play.


Main thread:

Starraria is a massive adventure/exploration map combining core elements from Starbound with Terraria. Explore 30 varied and unique planets with one of 6 classes. The map is designed for up to 6 people and will take around 10 hours to complete everything.

Video series:



Main Features:
-Wide variety of planets with all sorts of dungeons and caves
-6 races to choose from
-Up to 6 players can play this map
-Mining and building is allowed

How to Play:
-Create a new softcore character and go onto the Part 1 world
-When you have completed Sector IV you then go onto the second world

-Set your spawn on the Spaceship, do not change your spawn
-Do not change NPC houses or create new ones
-Do not change any wiring/teleporters
-Do not edit the Spaceship

Useful Tips:
-Use the minimap
-Statues will give you clues

How to Install the Map:
-Download the map
-Go to My Documents->My Games->Terraria->Worlds
-Move the world (.wld) files from the download to the Worlds folder

-Made for Terraria:
-Based on Starbound:
-Vast majority of building done with TEdit:
-Additional help with map making and testing with TShock:

Thank you to my testers:
-Cursed Wandered
-Noel (Inventor of the NoelCube)(Also loosely inspired the BiyaCube)
-Super Luigi Brothers

If you have any feedback then please feel free to tell me.


The Spaceship:
The Spaceship

Exploring the first planet:
Exploring the first planet

Deep into a pyramid:
Deep into a pyramid

Discovering a NPC village:
Discovering a NPC village

Solving a puzzle:
Solving a puzzle

On a painted planet:
On a painted planet


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