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Home Sweet Journey's Rest

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Welcome to what is likely the final installment of the Home Sweet Home series.


For those who are new to the project these are a series of maps (one for each release) that feature a base on an otherwise untouched world. Maybe you don't care for building but like a nice home, maybe this is your third play-though and you don't feel like building yet another set of outposts, or maybe you just want to take your endgame character for a tour just to find inspiration for your own builds. Whatever your goals welcome to Journey's Rest!


World Size: Large

World Type: Corruption

Bosses defeated: None

NPCs spawned: Only the Guide

Chests looted: None!

Advantage provided: Towns built, pylons in place. Feel free to destroy these and re-buy them if you don't want that advantage. Technically you could get a few late game materials or some money by salvaging some of the towns, but not enough to do much good.