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If you are looking for a 1.2 map, try my newest Home Sweet Home: Home Sweet Shadowed Keep

Climb to new heights and make this hallowed isle your home. As always this map features a ready to explore world. Caution newbies though - this world has the wall of flesh defeated and is already in hardmode!


  • All NPCs
  • Herb Farm
  • Statue Farms (gel, glowsticks, goldfish, pirahna, and bunny for bloodmoons)
  • Cactus Farm
  • Glowing Mushroom Farm
  • Finished, lighted hellivator
  • Supplies of all Pre 1.1 materials
  • Dungeon fort
  • Santa's Workshop


  • EoC: Defeated
  • Skeletron: Defeated
  • Wall of Flesh: Defeated

For a pre-hardmode version of this world without the included items please visit the map's thread on Terraria Online.