Home Sweet Country Manor

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If you are looking for a 1.2 map, try my newest Home Sweet Home: Home Sweet Shadowed Keep

Welcome home to your new manor in the countryside!

Many of you might remember my airbase from 1.0.5. This map is created in the same style. The base sits in an entirely untouched map on a 1.0.6 world. This means all the new locked chests are there for you to find!

Map Version: 1.0.6
Map Size: Medium
Bosses Dead: Only Eye of Cthulhu (He wouldn't leave me alone to build!)
Shadow Orbs Smashed: 0
NPCs Spawned: All but the clothier. He'll turn up when you kill Skeletron.

Map Features:

  • Full crafting and storage areas
  • All NPCs except the clothier
  • Herb farm
  • Surface mushroom farm
  • Cactus farm
  • Meteorhead farm and demon alter
  • Corrupt farm
  • Glowing mushroom farm
  • Jungle farm
  • Hellivator with water landing and hellhome.
  • Cottage shelters with beds at the dungeon and far left ocean.

This building is, much like the airbase, a very compact base. I tried to include the detail you see in the more epic structures but keep it to a scale that is comfortable for daily use.

For a version with no items or to give feedback please go to the thread on the Terraria forums. I will see feedback here eventually however I do not check it nearly as often.



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