Airbase & Farms (1.0.5)

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If you are looking for a 1.2 map, try my newest Home Sweet Home: Home Sweet Shadowed Keep

This world is a medium world that is untouched save for building the base and killing skeletron to spawn the clothier. All chests remain unlooted and hell is still hellish.


  • Above ground base with NPC rooms that discourage wandering. (Read: Stop it with the doors already!)
  • Protected spawn-point for guests with lava traps to discourage goblin and zombie invasions.
  • Herb farm.
  • Enclosed glowing mushroom farm.
  • Corrupt mushroom farm.
  • Cactus farm.
  • Obsidian generator.
  • Protected demon altar access.
  • Hellevator with safe water landing, bed, and crafting area.
  • Dungeon shelter with bed.
  • Many chests, some with contents. (No equipment, lots of building supplies and raw materials.)

Note: While none of the drops on this map will kill you it is assumed that you have some means of jumping higher than the starting jump height. If you do not you will need to add more platforms.

Please visit my thread on the Terraria forums for more details and many pictures.


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