Terrarivania: Concerto of Harmony - A Metroidvania Multiplayer Adventure Map

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Download for BETA: http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/573/830/Terrarivania_Concerto_of_Harmony_BETA_VERSION.zip

  • READ FIRST* I sincerely apologize, but seeing as I haven't been around for over two years or worked on this map at all in that time frame, I am going to have to cancel this project (and basically pull the biggest Peter Molyneux in terms of the features I wanted to do with it). Thank you to everyone who downloaded this map, and I hope you had an enjoyable experience with what was there! Who knows, there may even be a surprise somewhere in the future pertaining to this map...


This is the BETA version of the map! For all intents and purposes, the gameplay portion of the map is complete. However, the reason it's taken me so long to release this map is because of the story. It's long and stuff. Yep, still working on that. However, I've been sitting on the complete version of this map since NOVEMBER, and have been dying to release it! So, to preserve my sanity, and to hopefully provide you with a jolly good time, I present to you the BETA version of the sequel/prequel to Terrarivania! Terrarivania: Concerto of Harmony!

Please! If you encounter any issues, TELL ME! The map is in BETA, and it definitely still needs work. If you see a place where I can improve, please voice your opinion as well! I'm working hard at finishing the story for the map, so I apologize ahead of time if direction is blurred; that's all contextual and will be covered when the story is ready. However, if there are some fatal gameplay flaws, I would really like to know about them so I can fix them later!

Features: Classic Metroidvania gameplay within the Terraria engine! Now with multiplayer!

Approximately 8 hours in length solo, 5-7 hours in multiplayer!

5 player class-based multiplayer RPG system, with single player functionality as well!

Watch as your characters become stronger as you progress deeper into Chateau de Chauvais!

Rules: (These rules supercede those found on the first sign in the map, as I could not fit everything on one sign. Sorry =P) Up to 5 players allowed!


Only the premade characters are allowed (take a new one in and see why this is an issue).

No pickaxes, hammers, or axes allowed. (Pickaxes found in the map are used as keys, and can only be used when allowed.) No explosives (bombs, dynamite).

No cobwebs. No crafting.

No picking up torches/glowsticks or using them in your inventory.

NO MINING OR PLACING ANYTHING (Exceptions will be pointed out).

No buying anything but Health Potions, Wooden Arrows, Shurikens, and the mining helmet from the merchant.

Bosses must be fought in order to take the contents of their chest.

Signs with tall torches are story signs, don't miss them if you don't want to be lost!

Most importantly, have fun!

Notes: Everything needed to progress should be available without having to suicide.

Places where you are expected to use the provided pickaxes are marked by signs that say this: "This wall appears to be breakable... Maybe with the right tool." (Or some variation thereof)

Obsidian anywhere on the map is breakable, whether or not it is marked. This is the only material you are allowed to break on sight.

The map is a sequel/prequel to the original Terrarivania. However, you don't need to have played that map to be able to enjoy this map (especially since the beta version is lacking story at the moment :().

The general outline of the map can be found here (SPOILERS): http://www.terrariaonline.com/attachments/terrarivania-concerto-of-harmony-general-outline-map-png.34513/

Here is the Character List for Terrarivania: Concerto of Harmony:


Difficulty: *

Recommended for first time players. Has a nice mix of playstyles, utilizing maces and magic, along with high-tier armor levels. Simple to manage inventory, as he doesn't obtain as much loot as his counterparts.Nathaniel learns several basic magic spells, and has the third best selection of the five party members.Main character in the story, father of the protagonist in the original Terrarivania. (This is the character most likely to handle Single Player playthroughs of the map.)


Difficulty: * * * * *

Darius is the melee specialist of the group. Has the highest armor level of the group, however, his boss fighting abilities are significantly hampered by his poor range. Also has the highest growth potential of all five members of the party. Does not use spells at all except for lighting spells! He is Nathaniel's best friend. Recommended for expert players; NOT recommended for Single Player playthroughs! (Darius is the least likely to complete a Single Player playthrough of the map.)


Difficulty: * * * *

The magic specialist of the group, Aidan has almost zero fighting capability if it doesn't use mana. Lowest armor level of the party, but has the most variety when it comes to magic weaponry. Has the strongest mid-game performance out of the five party members. Serves a strong utility role throughout the map. Nathaniel's brother, and the original protagonist's uncle. Father of Diana. Recommended for experienced players, but is also quite formidable in Single Player playthroughs.


Difficulty: * *

The jack of all trades of the group; Her primary specialty is in ranged combat, but has low-tier armor level. She has access to the second largest number of magic spells and uses spears as her side weapons. Slightly complex itemization makes her more difficult to use than Nathaniel, as well as her poor armor level. Diana has the most variety of all five members. She is the cousin of the original protagonist, and Aidan's daughter. Recommended for Beginner level players, but is challenging enough for higher level players to master. Diana fairs somewhat poorly in Single Player, so it is recommended that she be played along with a group, like Darius.


Difficulty: * * *

The ranged weapon and consumables expert, Logan features the most complex itemization of the five characters. Has mid-tier armor level, and the widest selection of ranged weaponry of the five. He also uses shortswords as sidearms (not recommended), and is able to buy more ammo deeper in the castle. Logan is tricky to play at first, and has the worst early game performance of the five characters, but his power grows significantly as you obtain higher level gear (his growth curve is more relaxed than Darius'). Has access only to basic magic spells, but is able to have the highest movement speed of the five. Logan is a master thief that was captured by Nathaniel. Logan is being brought along on the journey to repay the debt he owes Nathaniel for trying to steal from him. Recommended for intermediate players,and his growth curve allows him to become the second best character for Single Player playthroughs.

Download for BETA; http://www.curseforge.com/media/files/573/830/Terrarivania_Concerto_of_Harmony_BETA_VERSION.zip

Mirror Download for BETA: http://www.mediafire.com/?o87r9unj956wof6

Original Terraria.net Thread: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/adv-terrarivania-concerto-of-harmony-an-exploration-based-multiplayer-adventure-map.79870/


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