Santa is Missing! - A Metroidvania Style Adventure Map

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  • READ* I sincerely apologize, but seeing as I haven't been around for over two years or worked on this map at all in that time frame, I'm going to have to cancel this project even though I believe it had some potential. Thank you to everyone who downloaded this map, and I hope you had an enjoyable experience with what was there!


Santa has been kidnapped! And it is up to you to rescue him and save Christmas! Gameplay is firmly suited into the Metroidvania style, one in which I am quite fond of and can be seen in my previous map as well. I will be releasing increments of this map episodically as an experiment, but for all intents and purposes, Episode 1 is a complete package.


Features: Classic Metroidvania gameplay within the Terraria engine!

Approximately 2 hours in length, with much more to come!

Two boss fights and over 10 unique areas to explore!

Integration of Christmas events, prominently featuring the new snow biome and present collecting.

Watch as your character becomes stronger as you progress deeper in your search for Santa!


Rules: (The rules on the official thread supercede these posted here, but these should be adequate unless someone finds a new exploit with the map or ReLogic adds yet another torch-esque light source that drops from enemies. Also, these rules supercede those found on the first sign in the map, as I could not fit everything on one sign. Sorry =P)

Single-player only!

New characters only!

Deposit starting equipment in first chest.

No pickaxes, hammers, or axes allowed. (Pickaxes found in the map are used as keys, and can only be used when allowed.)

No explosives (bombs, dynamite).

No cobwebs.

No crafting for the most part. Upgraded Healing Potions are the only thing allowed for crafting (2 Lesser Healing Potions + Glowing Mushroom).

No picking up torches/glowsticks or using them in your inventory.


No buying anything but Health Potions, Wooden Arrows, Shurikens, and the mining helmet from the merchant.

Bosses must be fought in order to take the contents of their chest.

Signs with tall torches are story signs, don't miss them if you don't want to be lost!

Most importantly, have fun!


Notes: Everything needed to progress should be available without having to suicide.

Places where you are expected to use the provided pickaxes are marked by signs that say this:

"This wall appears to be breakable... Maybe with the right tool." (Or some variation thereof)

Obsidian anywhere on the map is breakable, whether or not it is marked. This is the only material you are allowed to break on sight.

The map's name is a reference to the old unknown "edutainment" game Mario is Missing!, starring his brother Luigi.


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