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Proximity alerts (pop-up text, chat messages and/or HUD markers) for undiscovered lore, and random drops that are already known (in case a friend needs it).


Latest: v1.4.0 (April 13, 2018)


Installation and Configuration: Unzip in the [GameDir]/Data/GUI/Custom/Flash directory and restart the client. For users of unmodded topbars, the icon defaults to the right of the compass and can be moved with the standard gui unlock. It will register with any installed VTIO compatible topbar mods, which handle icon layout themselves. A setting can detach it from either topbar (in which case it defaults to the upper left side of the screen). Left clicking the icon opens the settings window, right clicking will quickly toggle the mod on/off.


Still legacy (TSW) compatible as far as I know.



Can the detection radius be bigger? Not at the moment. The game system the mod uses has a fixed range, and my current thoughts on bypassing it would require other features that are not available. If I do find a way to do it, it will likely require an additional support mod.

Where are the map waypoints? Your waypoints are in a different mod.  Lassie offers a comprehensive pack of custom waypoints; I see no need to duplicate their good work. Due to the limitations of working with the map, I am attempting a supplementary map interface for a more flexible range of uses. Cartographer still has a long way to go before I'm happy giving it a wide release, but test builds are available if you don't mind a lack of polish.

Can it tell me where to find X? Only if you're near it. Rather than storing a significant list of lore and locations, Lorehound extracts limited information from detected lore and forgets it when out of range. It has no way of knowing that X is on a different map, how many backflips you must do to make Y actually appear, or that it detected Z through (or in) a solid wall. I suggest the fine community info sites, between TSWDB and Crygaia these sorts of details should be covered.


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