Dynamic Timescale

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This mod monitors the timescale based on what the player is doing and where they are. Currently it will change the timescale if the player is in combat and if they are in/outside. The default values are 5 while in combat, 6 while inside, and 12 by default.

These values can be changed in dynamicTimescale.ini.


This plugin requires Script Dragon in order to function.


Copy the .asi and .ini file into your <skyrim>\asi folder, NOT into your data folder.
That's it!


Delete dynamicTimescale.asi and dynamicTimescale.ini from the install directory.


Alexander Blade, for authoring Script Dragon.
ChairGraveyard, for some minor help.


NullCascade on the Bethesda forums or Lordrea on the Nexus sites. Please let me know of any bugs or improvements.


All of my modifications are released under public domain, except where another's code is embedded. If you have a question, please feel free to contact me.

The source files can be found at my GitHub page.

Change Log

1.0 - Initial release.
1.1 - Removed debug messages.
1.2 - Optimized. Updated for Script Dragon for Skyrim v1.2.


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