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Screenshot-lovers rejoice! You no longer have to dig through menus and delays to capture that special moment.

This mod lets you toggle UI elements on and off. It currently support toggling:
- The entire HUD (without disabling menus).
- The compass.
- Quest markers.
- Floating quest markers.

The keys and default states of these settings can be changed via this mod's .ini file.


This plugin requires Script Dragon in order to function.


Copy the .asi and .ini file into your <skyrim>\asi folder, NOT into your data folder.
That's it!


Delete toggleUI.asi and toggleUI.ini from the install directory.


Alexander Blade, for authoring Script Dragon.
HitachiHex, for finding where the HUD opacity was hiding in memory.


NullCascade on the Bethesda forums or Lordrea on the Nexus sites. Please let me know of any bugs or improvements.


All of my modifications are released under public domain, except where another's code is embedded. If you have a question, please feel free to contact me.

The source files can be found at my GitHub page.

Change Log

1.0 - Initial release.
1.1 - Key inputs are enchant-safe. Added options for various UI elements. It now only toggles the HUD, and not all menus.
1.2 - Updated for Skyrim v1.2.


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