Dragon Souls to Perk Points

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This mod allows you to convert an amount (user-configurable) of dragon souls into a perk point. It can be configured via soulstoperks.ini. By default you can convert 10 dragon souls to 1 perk point.

To convert, press the apostrophe/quotation mark ('/") key. This key is configurable in the ini file.


This plugin requires Script Dragon in order to function.


Copy the .asi and .ini file into your <skyrim>\asi folder, NOT into your data folder.
That's it!


Delete soulstoperks.asi and soulstoperks.ini from the install directory.


Alexander Blade, for authoring Script Dragon.
Reddit's jesusondrugs for the original idea.
hitachihex's functions were used to get the player and set/get perk points.
The ini file was based off of xenofixus's.

A special thanks to some testers who helped me find that setav is bugged for dragonsouls, and that modav was needed: blattgeist, icanrawrbetter, reccondo, Alletha, Kaelik, Kyler45, and MinshiH. You all rock.


NullCascade on the Bethesda forums or Lordrea on the Nexus sites. Please let me know of any bugs or improvements.


All of my modifications are released under public domain, except where another's code is embedded. If you have a question, please feel free to contact me.

The source files can be found at my GitHub page.

Change Log

1.0 - Initial release.
1.1 - Changed from setav to modav for dragon souls, fixing a bug that added souls due to how that function is wonky.
1.2 - Added a check to see if the player is the menus. The mod won't read the key press if you're renaming something now!
1.3 - Added support for Skyrim v1.2. Optimized the plugin (it uses slightly less memory).


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