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Who doesn't like Homework?

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Short Description:

  • Sims of all ages can like or dislike homework.
  • They will receive positive or negative moodlets when doing homework or school projects or helping other sims doing these activities.
  • Most of the time, those who dislike homework will feel bored by doing schoolwork at home or angry by helping someone with it. They also tend to not do these activities autonomously and lose fun doing them.
  • On the other hand, those who like homework tend to feel focused when doing school activities at home or to feel inspired when helping others do these activities. They also have more chances to do these actions autonomously and gain fun doing them.
  • If you have my other mod, which automatically gives random likes and dislikes, your sims may like or dislike homework autonomously.


Detailed Description:

After installing this mod, you can define if a sim will like or dislike homework by going inside the Hobbies & Skills Category.

Liking (or disliking) homework means that a sim will receive positive (or negative) moodlets and gain (or lose) fun when:

  • doing homework;
  • helping someone with homework;
  • working on school projects (that come with the Parenthood game pack).

As typically occurs with original likes and dislikes, you will see a symbol indicating a sim likes or dislikes homework just after they start to do these activities.

Also, as commonly occurs in the original game, sims will present some idle animations showing that they like (or dislike) homework while (and after) doing these activities.

Like what usually occurs in the game with other preferences, a sim can "Bemoan about Homework" if they dislike it or "Enthuse about Homework" if they like after doing homework.

Unlike the original game, a sim that dislikes homework will not always instantly receive a (+2) tense moodlet after starting to do homework.

They may gain a random (+1) negative moodlet at any time during this activity.

So, if you are very lucky, your sim may finish the homework without receiving a negative moodlet.

But, most of the time, they will get a bored moodlet.

Besides it, they also have a high chance of getting an angry, a sad, a stressed, or an uncomfortable moodlet.

Very rarely, they will gain a dazed, an embarrassed, or a scared moodlet.

When helping others doing homework, a sim who dislikes homework will mostly get the angry moodlet instead of the bored one.

After gaining this initial moodlet, the fun motive will start to decrease quite fast.

Moreover, if a sim remains doing the activity they dislike, they will receive a new (+1) moodlet of the same type as the first one.

So, suppose you gain a +1 angry moodlet after helping your son to do their homework.

In that case, you will gain another +1 angry moodlet after some time you keep doing it.

The intensity of this new moodlet will increase with time until it reaches +3.

Thus, a sim who dislikes homework may get a negative moodlet change of +4 after doing homework for a while.

Finally, when you stop doing homework, the initial (+1) moodlet will vanish.

Still, the second one will remain with you for some time.

In summary, when a sim who dislikes homework starts doing it, they not instantly receives a negative moodlet.

However, when this moodled is gained, its intensity tends to increase fast.

Moreover, this negative effect tends to remain active for a while after the sim stops doing homework.

The behavior when a sim likes homework is very similar to that described above, but their fun will increase, and they will gain positive moodlets.

In most cases, as you can see in the picture below, a sim who likes homework will get focused by doing homework and inspired when helping others do homework.

As in the dislike case, you will first receive a +1 positive moodlet and, after,  a second +1 positive moodlet whose intensity will increase with time. This second moodlet will remain active for a while after you stop doing homework. How much time it will stay active depends on how much time you spent doing what you like after getting this moodlet. It is important to say that kids will never get flirty.

Some traits will affect which moodlets you will receive. In general, when a sim has a trait linked to a given emotion, the moodlet associated with this emotion advances one scale in the tables above. For example, the happy moodlet will be a "very common" moodlet for cheerful sims who like homework. At the same time, it is just "common" for other sims without this trait, which also likes this activity. But, a cheerful sim who dislikes homework will not get a happy moodlet doing it (there is no happy moodlet in the dislike table to be changed). Below, you can see each trait affects each moodlet:

  • Hot-headed advances angry;
  • Gloomy advances sad;
  • Paranoid advances tense;
  • Squeamish advances uncomfortable;
  • Active advances energized;
  • Genius advances focused;
  • Cheerful advances happy;
  • Self-assured advanced confident;
  • Romantic advances flirty; and
  • Goofball advances playful.

Finally, it is also important to say that those who dislike homework tend to not do homework or help others with it autonomously. On the other hand, those who like homework have more chances to do these activities autonomously.


Overrides, Compatibilities and Dependencies:

If you have my mod that automatically gives random preferences for unplayed (and played) sims, you'll find that some of your sims will automatically like or dislike homework.

This mod overrides the three XML below. They are linked with the interaction of helping others to do their homework.  So, this mod may be incompatible with other mods that change this feature. Other mods that do not modify it are safe.

List of XML that this mod overrides:

  • mentor_ChildHomework
  • mentor_ChildHomework_Nanny
  • mentor_TeenHomework
  • mentor_University_Homework_CourseA
  • mentor_University_Homework_CourseB
  • mentor_University_Homework_CourseC
  • mentor_University_Homework_CourseD

You don't need any Kits, Expansion, Game, or Stuff Packs to use this mod.

IMPORTANT: This mod requires Scumbumbo's XML Injector Script Mod to work. If you don't have it, you can download it at his Memorial webpage or at CurseForge.



At this moment, this mod is only available in the following languages:

So, when using the game in another language, some parts (that use text from the game) may appear in the desired language. Still, some text (those included by this mod) will appear in English.

Feel free to translate this mod. If you contact me, I can put a link to your translation on this page.


How to install:

Install all ".package" files in the mods folder (generally at this address ...\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods).



  • Sims 4 Studio Team
  • Scumbumbo
  • Triplis



[2023/08/13] [V1.05]

BUG FIX: Fixed a bug that makes sims act as if they dislike homework when they don’t have a preference about it.

[2023/04/20] [V1.04]

IMPROVEMENT: Update the mod to be compatible with the new Social Pie Menu system.

[2021/12/25] [V1.03]

BUG FIX: This mod no more blanks clients’ preferences during a decor career gig.

[2021/10/28] [V1.02]

BUG FIX: Some small bugs are corrected. Now, this mod’s package no longer appears as incompatible in the Better Exceptions Patch analysis.

[2021/08] [V1.01]

IMPROVEMENT: Included French translation.