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This is a small mod I started tinkering with after a discussion with my brothers about vampires and their frustrating habit of going outside and burning to death. It adds a new "run inside" autonomous interaction (cloned from the "run inside" interaction from Seasons) that vampire sims will now be pushed to do autonomously once they start burning in the sun. If the interaction gets cancelled, they'll periodically try to run inside again if they're still in the sun.

For a little extra flavor, I've added reaction animations they'll do before and after running inside. Vampires who are getting critical or who have the "thin skinned" weakness will have a much stronger reaction and sometimes might get a scared buff afterwards if it was a particularily close call.

If Seasons is installed, they'll also try to cover themselves with their arms while running (like they do when it rains), but for those who don't have Seasons the mod will still work, they'll just run normally.

Note: If a vampire sim has taken an umbrella from the umbrella stand from Seasons, they might still run inside, or they might start to run inside but then cancel the interaction to open their umbrella. I haven't been able to make them just open the umbrella immediately yet, so be aware they might behave a little funky in this case. I'd recommend manually making them open their umbrella before going outside, as that will prevent them from trying to run inside since the game then considers them in the shade.


Overriden Resources (this mod will conflict with any other mod that overrides these resources)