Boreal Vibrance CRIMSON - Default Vampire Eyes With Extras

I'm back again with the third part of the Boreal Vibrance eye set, this time with some vampire defaults and addons!

These eyes are as always painted in the same style as the Evergreen eyes, but with some of their own style here and there. They come in a total of 8 unique variants.


  • Maxis-match sclera
  • Different and unique variants and a good variation of swatches
  • Custom subtle specular (eye gloss)
  • Fully handpainted with a slight "imperfect" illustration style
  • Optional heterochromia and contacts (skin detail and face paint respectively)
  • All Ages and Genders

Just like I did for the werewolves, this set of vampire eyes come with many distinct and versatile variants with a selection of swatches each so you can create many different styles of vampires, similar to how the vanilla vampire eyes come in many different types.

For the vampires I've done a total of 8 variants;

  • Soulless: An almost all-black pupilless eye with a very dull gloss, almost matte.
  • Blood: A dark and dull bloodred swatch with a subtle iris and pupil.
  • Ghost: A ghostly white swatch with a slight glow.
  • Demon: A demonic glowing variant with black sclera.
  • Veins: Glowy (except for one swatch) vampiric eyes with a veiny sclera.
  • Hellfire: A glowing firey swatch. White sclera.
  • Predator: Glowy eyes with small slit pupils and pinkish white sclera.
  • Slit: Glowy reptile-like eyes with slit pupils and black sclera.

For most of the variants I've stayed relatively true to the original maxis eyes, but I also added two more variants that I thought would be fun and complement the rest of the set; one blood-red dull swatch, as well as a variant with small slit pupils for a more "predator" vibe which comes in four swatches.

The vampires don't get a whole lot of eye swatches originally, so I've added a bunch of addon swatches to beef the set up to a total of 17 swatches, which is the same amount of eye swatches as the werewolves.

Contacts and Heterochromia is included. These are optional and you can delete them if you don't want them!

Heterochromia mesh by me, other CC creators are free to use my meshes as long as you provide link and credit back to me as well as don't paywall any cc you create using them.

The vanilla eye gloss is a bit too much, especially for custom eyes with more detail than the vanilla eyes, at the same time, I never was a fan of removing the eye gloss entirely making the eyes matte instead. So, after a bit of fiddling and experimenting, I've managed to make a custom specular texture (that's what's creating the gloss effect) that's far less intrusive yet still retains a nice natural gloss effect to the eyes.



Vampires - CRIMSON

Werewolves - LUNAR

Mermaids - WIP

Aliens - WIP

Spellcasters - WIP

Plantsims - WIP

Cats & Dogs - Coming Soon

Cows, Llamas, Chickens & Foxes - WIP

Horses, Sheep & Goats - WIP